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December 8, 2011
White Sands Hyams Beach featured in Red Cover, Design by Casa da Imagem
December 8, 2011

SMH: Gazing onto the world’s whitest sands

There’s a quiet spot on the NSW SouthCoast that deserves loud acclamation, Tony Grantham discovers.

At first glance, Jervis Bay is not the sort of place to inspire thoughts of world records and extravagant claims. It’s a collection of small towns, tucked-away creeks and remote inlets and beaches.

But for a quiet spot it has big tickets on itself, though to be fair, the claims are fully justified.

It has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as having the whitest sand in the world (officially at Hyams Beach, though many others around there are similarly blessed) and the astonishing fact that the bay is at least six times bigger in volume and four times bigger in area than Sydney Harbour.

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